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Comprehensive financial administration from accounting to financial manager services

The Helsinki-based eControllers Ltd is a modern and versatile financial administration expert which has served businesses of different sizes since as far back as 1997. We provide you with a modern financial department, which has all the financial administration services that you need, from bookkeeping to financial manager services, in the scope that you need. Get in touch and let’s find the services that meet the needs of your company together!

Boost your business and save money with the right financial administration solutions

Our financial administration professionals help you cut down on the routine tasks, save time and money and focus the resources of the company on the core business areas. Outsource accounting, payroll administration, payment traffic and other routine financial administration routines to us and you will be spared both the time-consuming recruitment processes and upkeep of the skill level of your staff. In addition, there’s the added benefit of knowing that all of your financial administration processes are taken care of correctly and in a timely manner.

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An outsourced financial manager reduces the workload of your management

Does your company’s financial administration serve your business operations and decision-making in the best possible way? Outsourcing the financial management, analyses and other demanding financial administration services of your company to an eControllers financial manager helps to reduce the workload of your management and facilitates decision-making. At the same time, time is saved for productive work and the fixed salary costs of a financial manager are avoided.

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Capable financial administration for foreign companies as well

Benefit from a specialist in Finnish laws, regulations and practices – eControllers Ltd is experienced in financial administration of foreign companies in Finland. A considerable number of our clients are in fact foreign subsidiaries.

We serve you fluently in Finnish, Swedish and English and make sure that all your financial administration matters are managed reliably, securely and in full compliance with Finnish laws and regulations. With a local expert to help you, your business will always operate in accordance with Finnish legislation.

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The Helsinki-based eControllers Ltd provides reliable and flexible services to domestic and foreign businesses. Get in touch and we can build a customised service package for your business together!

Modern financial administration is flexible for the client’s needs

As our client, you have modern tools and methods at your disposal, with which client transactions related to the financial administration of the company are sorted out in an efficient and reliable manner.

Our company has the capacity to be linked to the systems required by our clients. That makes use of our services even easier. If necessary, we will learn to use your systems, like various financial administration systems, either through remote connections or on the spot.

Our systems are capable of supporting both domestic and international business operations and can be customised in accordance with the needs of the company. For example, we can take care of the transferral of your purchase and payment data to an ERP system. This will facilitate your adoption of an electronic financial administration system.

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